Official Server Rules [SEPT/02/2014]

Discussion in 'FoCo ArmA DayZ Epoch' started by Blair, Sep 2, 2014.
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  1. Blair

    Blair FoCo ArmA Management

    Aug 27, 2014
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    Official FoCo DayZ Epoch Rules

    Please keep in mind, these rules are subject to change at any time with no notice posted. Please keep up to date with the rules to keep yourself out of trouble. These are the official rules for the FoCo Gaming DayZ: Epoch server, any other source of rules besides an official staff members word and or the loading screen is invalid and will not be acceptable.
    Administrators words are final.

    #1: Do not camp the trader cities
    This is a rather straight forward rule, do not under any circumstances camp any of the trader cities. What does this mean? Do not wait outside a trader city waiting for a player to come along to kill and take their gear.

    Verbal warning if no deaths have been made.
    If a death has been made, it's at the admins discretion if a temporary ban is to be in place.
    The deceased player will be teleported back to their body and given back their items.

    #2: Report all bugs immediately
    Common sense, if you find a bug, report it. If you abuse a bug, you will be banned for bug abusing.
    You can report any bugs in the bug report section.
    This rule also falls under no duplicating items, if it happens, tell an admin over sidechat to come deal with it.

    Server ban for bug abusing & failure to report the bug itself.

    #3: No whining
    Get killed? It happens, don't whine about it. Instead, continue playing the game and find more gear. It's apart of the game, it happens to all of us.

    Warning, if continued a kick.
    If they are to continue after the kick and warning, a temporary ban is enough.

    #4: No voice over sidechat
    Do not use any voice communication over sidechat, simple. It's annoying and disrupts everyone playing.

    Warning to stop.
    If continued, a kick.

    #5: Use common sense
    Use common sense really, don't go running around disturbing everyones gameplay. This falls under petty things like spamming, being a troll, do not be disrespectful to anyone, etc.

    Warning to stop.
    If continued, a kick is in place.

    #6: Do not leave your vehicles parked at trader cities when you log off
    Safezones aren't to be used as a parking lot for when you're offline. If you leave your vehicle there while you're offline, it will be despawned with no refund.


    Vehicle despawned.

    #7: Do not use anything that gives you an advantage (Hacks)
    Third party programs that give you an advantage over other players are not allowed.


    Permanent server ban.

    #8: Do not grief any Safezones
    Firing into Safezones from the outside is not acceptable at all. Do not do anything in regards to blowing up, disturbing players experience, stealing vehicles or anything to do with grief in or around Safezones.


    Server ban, may place a ban appeal on the forums.

    #9: English only in sidechat
    Do not speak over the text box in sidechat with any other language but English.



    #10: Do not build in unauthorized building zones
    Read up on the no-building areas here.
    (Link coming soon)


    Base will be deleted with no refund.

    #11: Do not kamikaze into bases.
    Do not fly planes and or helicopters into bases in attempt to grief them.


    Temporary server ban.

    Kind regards,
    ArmA Management Team

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