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Discussion in 'Clan Section' started by Sparx, Sep 2, 2014.
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  1. Sparx

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    Aug 28, 2014
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    (Flag of IIMMC)


    IIMMC was born on September 1st 2014. Originally founded by Sparx and Blankeh, the duo traveled inland to find sources of shelter, loot and other clans. Gaining supplies and firepower is the main cause of IIMMC, to which items are sometimes shared between allies. During the time of IIMMC, they have been involved in numerous clan wars, raids and responsible for tens of murders around Chernarus. Currently based in an unknown location, IIMMC thrives to provide both firepower and support for allies and continues to break down the threats that aim towards the flag.

    Who are your members?

    Currently IIMMC consists of only a few members with a great combined Arma/FPS Experience. Unfortunately the clan does not recruit via forum / cross-communication means, but ingame. The current roster stands as;

    Owner(s) / Decision Makers
    [IIMMC] Sparx
    [IIMMC] Blankeh

    [IIMMC] Golden

    Affiliates / Allies
    ORT (Outbreak Response Team)

    Antagonists / Enemy's

    Voice Recordings

    Day 18, Chernarus.

    "We began building more fortified walls of our what we now call 'Home'. It's surprising... the amount of gear you are able to find is extraordinary. You would at least expect the main hotspots to be filled with walkers but instead it's peaceful and somewhat enjoyable. I headed down to a small town called 'Myshkino' in order to find some tools in order to upgrade our somewhat unstable walls. Turns out two clicks north was a prime bandit re-grouping point, to which I decided it was best to make contact in order to search for goods. So it was pretty simple considering my BRDM-2 had just been refilled the day before, a good vehicle considering it was made with soviet hands. It was like taking candy from a baby, and I got home just in time for a cup of tea."

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  2. Matt.

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    Sep 3, 2014
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    yes boyos let's do this


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