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Discussion in 'Announcements Section' started by Smithy, Sep 8, 2014.
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  1. Smithy

    Smithy FoCo ArmA Management

    Aug 27, 2014
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    Well, it's time we got applications out there so ya'll can help with the way that the server is ran. From this current point, I'll be Manager of the Arma side of FoCo and we'll be aiming to get a decent and experienced administrator team up and running to help aid in the running of the server. Here's a few facts for the applicants:

    • Server is online 24/7. We will need moderators from each timezone to apply.
    • Since we began (over a week ago), we've had almost 2,000 logins, 604 deaths and 130 individuals login to the server. We're aiming to increase this through advertising over the next few days so you'll need to be prepared for some work.
    • We are peaking on regular nights at 20+ players, ranging from 6-12PM GMT.

    What we're looking for in moderators are:
    • Experience with moderation within Arma (Admin tools, general management)
    • Knowledge of Epoch, it's objects and functions.
    • Ability to adapt to changes and work with scripts we have implemented.
    • Friendly, calm attitude to the gameplay.
    • Being able to be active on the forums and ingame regularly.
    • DayZ knowledge is a must.

    If you feel you meet all of these requirements, please apply by PMing me here, with the following format.

    Ingame Name:
    Player GUID:
    Activity hours: GMT+1
    Why do you feel you're suitable for the position?
    What experience do you have that puts you ahead of others applying?
    What are your best and worst qualities?
    Other FoCo Community experiences with management?
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