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Discussion in 'FoCo ArmA DayZ Epoch' started by Smithy, Aug 30, 2014.
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  1. Smithy

    Smithy FoCo ArmA Management

    Aug 27, 2014
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    Well, we announced it a few days ago and we have now got the official FoCo DayZ server up and running. With the release of the FoCo DayZ server comes great possibilities for future Arma/DayZ servers and we hope that you will all enjoy the Epoch server we have made.

    With the map vote coming to a win for Chernarus, we went ahead with that for the map on the Epoch server. This is not ruling out any future server running another map, however Chernarus was the clear winner according to the poll we held. Alongside this, the reason we chose to go for Epoch over Overpoch is that from our experience, we believe that Overpoch is less stable than Epoch, and provides a more buggy and unfriendly atmosphere to play. Therefore, Epoch was the solution for FoCo's first DayZ server.

    Visit us on our forums, - is to expand with more FoCo services, register sooner rather than later!

    If you wanna skip the guides and text, the server is accessible on /

    As for the Manager - I decided a Management team is more fit, in which based on both skills and trust they've acquired through our other communities, the following four was selected:
    - Smithy
    - ImBlair
    - Blankeh
    - Young

    I am confident they'll do a great job. I also have a good amount of other very competent applicants should we ever need to expand!

    If you have any questions, contact anyone from the list above or ask in this topic. We are also reachable on or on IRC — #foco.arma at

    Within the server, we've listed a range of plugins/scripts we have added for your benefit after discussion with the team:

    • Infistar Antihack
    • Custom Login Screen. Pictured here -
    • Trading Safezones.

    A guide with a video tutorial of how to install DayZ and get running on the FoCo server is also available.

    This is a basic connection guide for the FoCo DayZ Epoch server. We'll be using Six Launcher for this guide.

    Step 1:
    Download Link
    Purchase & download Arma 2 and Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead off of Steam.

    Step 2:
    Once downloaded, be sure to run each game at least once before going any further. Run the game to the main menu then exit.

    Step 3:
    Download Link
    Download Six Launcher.

    Step 4:
    Open Six Launcher and go to the modifications tab.

    Step 5:
    Click on featured and find DayZ: Epoch. (I also downloaded the regular DayZ, not needed however since Epoch runs on it's own.) Once you find DayZ: Epoch, press the star and favorite it for easy access.

    Step 6:
    Go to the favorites tab and click on DayZ: Epoch and select "install".

    Step 7:
    Once downloaded, double click on the DayZ: Epoch in the favorites tab and click on "Launch" in the bottom left hand corner.

    Step 8:
    Select the first button on the loading screen labeled "Multiplayer".

    Step 9:
    Make sure the address is selected as "Address: Internet", after that proceed to click on "Remote" in the bottom right hand corner.

    Step 10:
    Fill in the connection info.

    Step 11:
    Select the FoCo DayZ Epoch server and select "Join" at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 12:
    Once at the briefing screen, select "Ok" at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and enjoy playing.

    If this made absolutely no sense to you or you need further help, feel free to ask in the comments or personal messagemyself.

    My gear sucks!
    Alongside this, we have a loadout system that I'm sure many members will be happy with.
    Your standard loadout is as follows:

    We feel that this provides players with a sense of survivability within spawning rather than running around trying to locate the nearest can of beans. Moving on, we have a premium loadout which, you guessed it you receive from buying a package. We feel, not only should you get what you paid for, we'll throw in a little extra as a gift.

    Would you look at that, a whole Red Bull! You also receive a better pistol with more ammo, a nice skin as appreciation which will make you stand out from the new spawns and a bigger backpack for all that lovely loot.

    Friendly in Cherno?
    If you're like us, and hate people talking in sidechat, however you want to group up then this if for you.
    If you're a lone wolf looking to group up, or just have no friends who have the game, we have also included a TeamSpeak with various channels for you to group up. We will also be including more channels for large groups who become notable and recognized, such as clans for example.

    You may connect to the TeamSpeak with the IP located here.

    I've been banned, but I didn't do anything?!
    Have you been banned wrongly, or just want a second chance?
    You can appeal your ban here.
    Do not expect an instant reply, and do not PM us in regards to the appeal.
    However, if you were globally banned by BattlEye then that is out of our hands. You'll need to appeal that global ban accordingly, more information on global bans can be found here

    And finally, if you would like to contribute to the upkeep of the FoCo server, we've created some premium packages for you!
    These are the agreed upon donator benefits:

    $2.00 - Humanity (-5000 or +5000): A player may donate to receive either -5000 humanity or +5000 humanity. The donator's Player ID and profile name are required.
    $3.00 - Permanent Personal Skin: A player may donate to receive a skin of their choice that will be bound to them permanently. The donator's Player ID and profile name are required.
    $5.00 - One Time Vehicle Spawn: A player may donate for a spawn-in of a land/air/sea vehicle of his or her choice (with a key). The donator's Player ID and profile name are required.
    $8.00 - Permanent Clan/Group Skins: A member of a clan/group may, with his/her clan leader's permission, donate in order to have a certain skin of his/her desire set to all clan/group members. Player IDs and profile names of all clan/group members must be provided so that all clan/group members may receive their skins.
    $10.00 - Builder's Package: A player may donate for an average amount of supplies that they may use to build their base. The donator's Player ID and profile name are required.
    $20.00 - Builder's Package +: A player may donate for much more supplies than the Builder's Package, in order to build a large base. Includes a spawn-in of a land/air/sea vehicle of the player's choice. The donator's Player ID and profile name are required.

    Information on how to donate will follow within the next few days.​
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  2. krisk

    krisk New Member

    Aug 25, 2014
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  3. Chilco

    Chilco New Member

    Aug 30, 2014
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    I like that you like it.
  4. Mondim

    Mondim New Member

    Aug 30, 2014
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    I like that you like it that he liked it.
  5. LeRealSwizzlah

    LeRealSwizzlah New Member

    Sep 1, 2014
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    Recently joined, loving it so far. Great set of folks whom are managing it. Keep it up!

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